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Pet Vaccines & Dentistry in Santa Clara, CA

The best way to keep your pet healthy is to bring him or her to Animal Health Center in Santa Clara, CA for regular checkups. Even if it’s just one visit per year, the team at Animal Health Center can perform comprehensive exams to assess your pet’s health and provide him or her with all necessary vaccinations and medications. Our medical services include flea medications, parasite prevention, allergy management, pet dentistry, and more.

Our comprehensive physical examinations include an assessment of all bodily functions and the organs responsible for these functions. These can be done by our veterinarians once a year or once every six months for older pets. We can also provide them with the necessary pet vaccines your pet needs to stay safe and fight disease.

Offering Pet Dentistry Services & More
to Keep Your Pets Happy

Animal Health Center’s list of additional medical services includes:
  • Deworming and Fecal Examination
  • Prescription Flea, Tick, Heartworm, and Parasite Medication
  • X-Rays
  • Pet Dentistry (Recommended Once a Year)
  • Pain Management (Medications)
  • Allergy Management
  • Prescription Diets and Supplements 

Pet Dentistry, Animal Health Clinic

Regular medical treatment at Animal Health Center will help eliminate many of the health issues that plague your pets. Our regular checkups will keep an eye on your pet’s respiratory system, circulatory system, urinary system, orthopedic and neurological issues, skin problems, and much more. We can provide all the additional examinations and lab testing needed to keep your pets healthy. 

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