Pet Surgery in Santa Clara, CA

The most common pet surgeries performed at Animal Health Center in Santa Clara, CA include spaying and neutering, laparotomy, and cystotomy. These surgeries are often necessary for pets with health and behavioral issues, as well as those who want to make sure their pets don’t have an unwanted pregnancy.

Spaying or neutering your dog and cat can do more than just prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Spaying can also prevent uterine and mammary cancer in female dogs, as well as serious infections of the uterus. For male dogs, neutering prevents testicular and prostate cancer and eliminates aggressive behavioral problems related to too much testosterone. For cats, neutering also prevents overly-aggressive behaviors and roaming for males, while it also prevents uterine cancer in females. 

pet surgery Santa Clara, CA

Trust Animal Health Center with pet surgical procedures

Problems with your pets’ stomach or abdomen can be common. If treatment is needed inside the abdominal cavity, a laparotomy is performed. Animal Health Center handles this procedure with expert care and ease, using a general anesthetic. A laparotomy can be used to treat tumors, bladder stones, abdominal masses, and more, and may require an overnight stay.

More serious issues related to your pet’s bladder may require a cystotomy. This is an incision made into the abdomen in order to gain access to the bladder. Reasons for this surgery include bladder stones, bladder tumors, ectopic ureters or a ruptured bladder. Most surgeries at Animal Health Center will require an overnight stay so your pet can recover from anesthesia and be treated for pain with medications, fluids, and antibiotics. 

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