Open 7 Days a Week. Call today to make an appointment for your pet! Urgent Care  (408) 249-1315

Open 7 Days a Week. Call today to make an appointment for your pet!  Urgent Care  (408) 249-1315

Dog & Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Kittens in a kennel

Cats receive spacious accommodations that are separate from our dog boarding areas, playtime with our staff at Animal Health Center and plenty of food and water. To make your cat more comfortable, we recommend bringing bedding from home, your cat’s favorite treats and toys, and a supply of your pet’s favorite food. 

If you have more than one cat to board, we can board them in our extra-large accommodations or separately. If you’d like your pet to receive additional services while staying with us, we can also schedule grooming and baths, microchipping and teeth cleaning services. If your cat needs daily medication, just let us know. We’d be happy to administer your pet’s daily medication.

Dog Boarding

Dog in a kennel

Our dog boarding accommodations are great for all breeds and sizes, and we can accommodate multiple dogs from the same family. At Animal Health Center we offer spacious, clean accommodations, and every dog is walked and exercised multiple times a day. 

To make your dog feel more at home, we encourage you to bring your dog’s favorite bedding, toys and treats. If your dog is on a special diet or has a particular food he or she loves, feel free to drop some off with your dog. If you’d like for your dog to get additional services, like a flea dip, grooming, teeth brushing or annual wellness checkup, we can also perform these services during your pet’s stay.

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